Walking for Elephants

The AKTF Team is preparing to join Jim Nyamu of Elephant Neighbors Centre for a 200 km walk to raise awareness and to educate the community about conservation. We were very happy when he visited the team & MC rangers at the Oloololo Gate. He talked about conservation & how he has been walking in different countries in support of protecting the elephants. Indeed he is a wildlife ambassador & he is motivating Kenyans in the conservation field.


joint elephant nyamu walk


We also had a chance of informing him about our work & he saw a heap of snares that we had removed from the bush.


jim nyamu with snares


The walk will start on 24th this month to 4th October.We are all looking forward for that date and we will support and mobilize the community adjacent to Masai Mara National Reserve .We hope that many people will get the message and help in protecting the Elephants which are now under a threat due to poaching.”Ivory belongs to the Elephants”.

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