Updates on the Marsh Pride Tragedy

My thanks go out to all of you who have responded with such empathy and caring upon hearing the terrible news of the poisoning of lions within the Marsh Pride. The toll would have been a lot higher if it had not been for the prompt action by the people who reported seeing the lions staggering and frothing at the mouth. They reported to Patrick Reynolds who immediately took action and called the Kenya Wildlife Service/DSWT veterinarian, Dr. Limo and his colleagues. They arrived as quickly as they could from their base in the Mara and treated the poisoned lions – saving several of them from a sure and painful death. I am also most grateful to Governor’s Camp for their support of the lions and to their guides who stayed up through the night with the sick lions to keep them safe. Bibi, tragically, is confirmed dead; Siena is still missing. Bones and fur were found after hyena had eaten what could have been a lion. No confirmation as of now and we pray that Siena will be found in the next few days. Two herders are currently in court in Narok County and the world is watching to see whether the Laws of Kenya will be upheld. This is a tragedy of mammoth proportions for all concerned. It is most discouraging when so many do so much to assist the Masai to keep their livestock safe by protecting bomas in partnership with them or installing lion lights as a deterrent. I am sorry for their loss but that is no reason to poison the lions when other routes could and should have been followed and responsibility taken. The Maasai benefit greatly from tourism and the lions hold greater value alive than dead. Night grazing within the Reserve must stop – it is illegal and devastating. As long as it continues there will be more conflict on all sides. So much to say but we will do our best to keep you informed with accurare information.

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