Tracking Poachers (Dec. 15, 2016)

Yesterday our team & MC rangers arrested 3 bush meat poachers (2 during the day & 1 during the night ambush). They had already speared a female hippo with a spear & they were following the footprints to check where she died & get the meat. However, we arrested them before they could succeed with their mission. They were in a group of six but 3 managed to escape. It was a tough job as the team had to cross the crocodile invested Mara river by foot (several times). Today we we tried to look for the injured hippo so that we could contact KWS vet for the rescue but it was unfortunate since we didn’t locate her but we think chances of survival is very minimal. We will give more update when we found him later. We appreciate all those who were involved for a job well done.

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