Taking a Moment to Thank Our Conservation and Community Development Partners

The Oloolmongi Primary School students have just just received another generous donation of Insta Products’ fully nutritious porridge! This extremely healthy food is the main component of the school’s lunch program, and that program is the primary reason that Oloolmongi’s attendance has climbed every year since Insta began its partnership with AKTF. As we all know, good meals are foundational to children’s ability to learn in class, and we are grateful to Insta for supporting the future of the Mara community like this. Below are some of the bags of porridge that we helped deliver to the school!


We owe another big “Thank you!” to Eden Wildlife Trust for once again purchasing and delivering steel corner posts for the Fortified Boma Project. EWT has been one of the project’s strongest supporters, and their logistical help — specifically through helping to organize boma construction materials in Nairobi and then providing a lorry (truck) to transport everything to the Mara — has been invaluable to our work. We wouldn’t be protecting predators, livestock, and Maasai livelihoods at our current level without help from EWT. Thank you, Eden Wildlife Trust! (Pictured here are our steel corners being loaded into EWT’s lorry — piloted as always by the intrepid Alex — for transport to Maasai Mara.)





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