Rescued Warthog “Back on Her Feet”

Several months ago, AKTF and Mara Conservancy rangers assisted David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and KWS veterinarians to rescue a warthog whose foot was stuck in a broken piece of plastic pipe. At the time of the rescue, the poor warty’s foot was almost falling off, as the pipe had severed many of the muscles and broken some bones that connected her toes to her ankle; the vets were able to clean the injury and we were left to hope that her leg would heal itself naturally with time.

WELL! The warthog was recently seen again, in excellent condition. She has a limping gait now, but it does not appear to be from pain: the injured leg has dropped a few toes and is now a little shorter than the others. She is still traveling with her sister; the two have been inseparable in all the months that we’ve been monitoring the rescued warthog, and it is a pleasure to see them both growing big. Thank you to everyone who has helped get this warthog literally “back on her feet”!

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