Raising Awareness about Elephants, Despite the Cost

Many miles continue to be covered on Jim Nyamu’s Elephant Neighbours “Ivory Belongs to Elephants” walk across the Mara. It is hot and extremely challenging for those who are walking in support of this campaign – including the AKTF team. Our AKTF truck is working as a support vehicle and as transport, traveling far afield to collect Chiefs and supporters from distant villages to attend Jim’s rallies. Since the roads in and around the Mara are not so good as many of you will already know, the vehicle’s woes are plentiful – a failing alternator had to be replaced in a distant village! And then brake pipes and fluid… then 2 arm bushes, 3 punctures, loose nuts, more pipes and brake fluid, bottom link bushes, 2 more bushes and fuel, fuel and more fuel!! I am smiling and learning a lot about mechanical issues! Anything is worth the effort in order to get the message out to communities so that they realize the importance of conserving elephants.

ele rally ele rally2 maasai walking mararianta rally line tired team

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