Preventing Human-Wildlife Conflict in the Wake of Livestock Attacks

Yesterday was a busy day for AKTF Team & MC Rangers. We went out to protect two lions that had attacked & killed two cows along the Oloololo escarpment. The cows’ owners came to where the incident happened accompanied by more that 15 young men. They were very furious due to the loss but the Team dissuaded them & reminded them the importance of these predators in the Mara ecosystem. Finally they agreed to help in conserving the wildlife after they realized that they also receive benefits from the many tourists who visit the Mara & visit their Manyatta (traditional village) to experience the rich Masai culture. All of these elements help in uplifting the Kenyan economy through tourism. They promised to work with us closely to minimize future conflicts. The team stayed there until evening hours.

 Elias with moran and dead cow

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