Planting Native Trees at Oloolmongi School

While the foundations are being laid for new classrooms at the Oloolmongi Primary School, AKTF is also facilitating the planting of a few thousand native trees on the property. Trees were historically abundant in the area surrounding the school, but heavy livestock grazing and harvesting for timber and fuel has thinned the forest tremendously. Now the school compound is virtually bald, making it hot, dry, and dusty. The native seedlings that the school will be planting are sourced from local nurseries, and, when grown, will block the eroding winds, provide shade to cool the classrooms and students, and serve as an example to the community for the importance of forests for people, livestock, and the whole ecosystem.

Guests of A.K. Taylor International, Ltd. were lucky enough to get their hands dirty and have some fun with the children and community of Oloolmongi Primary School. They arrived just in time to help plant some of the trees that the school is planning to grow with the help of AKTF. The children also eagerly demonstrated their growing knowledge in the classrooms. By the time these students have children of their own, the school that prepared and launched them will hopefully be surrounded by a native forest!


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