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Oliashare parents helped prepare materials for AKTF teams to repair their children’s school.

Nailepu got new water tanks, thanks to Dig Deep. These will help capture and store fresh water for the dry school year.

AKTF facilitates the production of reusable pads by local women. These promote female hygiene and are vital for young women to be able to finish their education.

Snares are everywhere in Masai Mara. Our team works diligently to dismantle and remove them.

Our team works closely with the women of Maasai Mara.

The Team returning a baby eland to its mother. Sometimes, the community members think baby elands have been abandoned, and they ‘rescue’ them — however, usually the mother has hidden her baby so that she can go feed, and then she returns to the baby in the evening.

Women sewing reusable menstruation pads for school girls — no more missing school each month!

Team member with one week’s worth of confiscated snares.

Oloolmongi students using the Life Straw technology provided by A&K Philanthropy.

Nailepu Nursery School getting three new classrooms.

New desks for Oloolmongi students!

AKTF Team member removing a poacher’s snare from the Mara Conservancy. (Photo: Marcus Westberg)




The Team freeing a wildebeest caught in a poacher’s snare. (Photo: Marcus Westberg)


The AKTF Team displaying dozens of poachers’ snares, which were all removed in a single day. (Photo: Marcus Westberg)


The AKTF Team coordinates anti-poaching patrols and transports law enforcement rangers across the Mara Conservancy and Oloololo Escarpment. (Photo: Marcus Westberg)


AKTF collaborates with rangers from the Mara Conservancy, Kenya Forestry Service, and General Service unit to discover and confiscate illegally harvested timber from the Nyakweri Forest. (Photo: Marcus Westberg)


The AKTF Team supports law enforcement rangers in arresting illegal charcoal makers and confiscating bags of charcoal. (Photo: Marcus Westberg)


Rangers destroy illegal charcoal kilns to protect the Nyakweri Forest. (Photo: Marcus Westberg)


Anne posing with the entire staff of AKTF’s Anti-Poaching and Boma Teams. (Photo: Marcus Westberg)


Anne examining one of our metal corner bomas after construction. (Photo: Marcus Westberg)


The AKTF Boma Team stretching chain link fencing in preparation for constructing a predator-resistant boma. (Photo: Marcus Westberg)


A Maasai family showing the sheep and goats protected in their AKTF boma. (Photo: Marcus Westberg)


Boma Team Leader Felix (middle) in traditional Maasai dress posing with several of our local partners. (Photo: Marcus Westberg)


AKTF welder Matthew manufacturing the steel corners for our predator-proof bomas.


Students at Oloolmongi Primary School arrayed in front of the school in the uniforms we’ve been able to provide through our generous donors.


Anne with the student body of Oloolmongi Primary School.


Students in their generously donated soccer uniforms.


A class in progress at Oloolmongi Primary School, in the classrooms built by AKTF. (Photo: Marcus Westberg)


Students at Oloolmongi Primary School hard at work! (Photo: Marcus Westberg)


One of the beautiful cheetahs that our Boma and Anti-Poaching Teams work so hard to protect. (Photo: Marcus Westberg)


Team and AKT about to “head out” to check reports of predation. Livestock enclosures have subsequently been protected with our wire.

Team and AKT about to “head out” to check reports of predation. Livestock enclosures have subsequently been protected with our wire.


Mara cubs Marcus W

Lion cubs. Photo credit: Marcus Westberg


Elias with Snares

Elias and the Team with snares recovered in one snare sweep


Boma under construction

Boma under construction


Mara lions MW

Lioness with cubs in the Mara


MC Rangers and AKTF team

Mara Conservancy Rangers and AKTF Team. Photo credit: Marcus Westberg


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