Ongoing Forest Destruction around Maasai Mara

Regrettably the destruction of the Nyakweri forest continues at an alarming pace in spite of the best efforts of the AKTF team along with MEP and CFTW.  We have been working closely with the local area Chiefs and Land Committee who are now taking this threat very seriously, realizing that without the forest, life for them and the wildlife will be forever altered – those responsible for the destruction will just move on. As with the poaching, there is “big money” involved and thus many of the locals are collaborating with the transporters who generally sneak lorry loads of charcoal out during the night. Arrests have been made but are not taken seriously with release of the perpetrators being almost immediate.


The Land Committee called two meetings in areas adjacent to the forest to inform the communities of the importance of the indigenous forest which provides a breeding ground for elephants and natural cover for a host of other wildlife, not to mention being a critical watershed for the entire region. Only with the support of the local communities and enforcement of the law will this forest be saved.  The landowners hold the future of the forest in their hands and a few individuals must not be allowed to destroy it for personal gain.  Most of the felled trees are rare indigenous hardwood which take many years to grow or replace.

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