November 2: Long but Successful Wildebeest Rescue

More snares are still being removed by the AKTF team and MC rangers along the border. It’s a big task and if all these snares are not removed, then they can couse a very big damage to our wildlife populations. Another wildebeest was rescued from the snare & it took more than 30 minutes to complete the dangerous rescue but everyone was determined to see a success of that exercise. We also recovered a dead African white-backed vulture dead near one of the carcass. After an examination we noticed that it was killed by the poachers probably after they found it opening the carcass. A big deep cut near the neck was the evidence of what happened (this happened on last week along the Mara/Serengeti border). We still have wildebeests in the Mara triangle but a big group is seen heading southward to Serengeti national park.

snare hidden in bush Team subduing wildebeest team releasing wildebeest

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