More Snares Successfully Removed

The wildebeests are still in the Mara and along the border (Mara/Serengeti). The team as usual is still removing snares to safe the wildlife and to discourage the poacher’s activities. Most of these snares are set to catch the wildlife (for bush meat business) but these snares don’t discriminate and other animals (which are not targeted by the poachers) meet their horrible death in them. Last week 192 wire snares were removed and several wildebeests were found dead by the time the team arrived in those places. However, another 5 wildebeests were rescued from the snares.

wildebeests in mara


So in order to protect the wildlife from the snares we always walk for many kilometers and remove the snares before the animals get caught in them. Apart from AKTF team we are also grateful with MC rangers since we are working together as one strong team. Our aim is to continue working hard as a team in order to safe our important national heritage.

team removing snare
Saitoti removing snare





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