More Predator-Proof Bomas!

We recently put the finishing touches on this predator-proof cow boma, which will protect almost 400 head of cattle from attacks by lions and other carnivores. As with all our bomas, by averting predation, we are helping to eliminate sources of human-wildlife conflict that often end in death for the wild animals. This particular boma is one of the larger enclosures that we’ve constructed using our metal-corners, and we are excited to be able to protect so many animals — both cows and predators — in a single stroke. Just in time, too! A few days after completion, a pride of 18-20 lions was seen on this part of the escarpment; fortunately they left and disappeared back into the Park without killing any livestock. We are so grateful for the support of NatGeo, Oracle, and Eden Wildlife Trust, without which our Fortified Boma Project could not be where it is today.

cow boma

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