Metal Bomas Holding Up to Elephant Attention!

A light story for the close-to-the end of the week! As those who follow our work know, our “bomas” (livestock enclosures) have been strengthened to withstand the multiple challenges which they face – with marauding honey badgers (yes!  they cause a lot of damage!); hyenas who like to dig under the fortifying chain link, leopards who may try to climb over them; lions who are opportunistic and hippos that try to take shortcuts to the river, whether or not a boma is in its path, often causing immense damage which we quickly remedy (a hippo easily outweighs chainlink!)  Last week, the strength of our boma metal corners were seriously tested when an elephant decided they could work well as scratching posts! In spite of the elephant rubbing itself to its satisfaction and attempting to sit down for an even better scratch, the bomas bent a little but held up! The elephant was happy and we were happy! Thanks to our boma team for a job well done.

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