Menstural Hygiene Training at Oloolmongi

Menstrual Hygiene/Health training (MHM)at Oloolomongi Primary. Girls were asked what they think about their periods.Their responses were- periods are considered shameful, a curse, abnormal,something that hinders them from playing sports, not allowed to visit a vegetable garden…these are all myths and taboos surrounding menstruation in their community. At the end of the training girls were able to demystify these myths and taboos- also gained knowledge on safe hygiene, how menstruation happens and how to count their menstruation calendar to know when to expect their next flow and be prepared with a pad.

At the end of the MHM training, girls were proud of their periods!

Through AKTF, 71 girls each received a Re-usable sanitary pads kit which includes 4 re-usable pads, a water proof bag for carrying the dirty pad to wash it after school and a pouch. 

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