Lions! Lions! Lions!

Lions! Lions! Lions! The AKTF/MC team has recently been kept very busy trying to keep livestock safe and lions out of trouble. At this time of year the Reserve is very wet, and the grass long. As a result, most of the wildlife leaves the safety of the protected area and head up to the top of the Siria escarpment, which is also where the community lives. Lions follow their prey but often find cattle easier targets, leading to a dangerous situation. The team has alerted the community to the lions’ presence (no less than three different prides). They have been spending a lot of time in that area trying to persuade the lions to return to the Reserve. Regrettably, a couple of cows/calves have been killed but the community have shown a lot of restraint (for which we are most grateful) and the lions, so far, are safe. Our boma team is working overtime in an effort to protect any vulnerable bomas in that area.

On another note, last week, a pride of lions killed a buffalo immediately outside Kichwa Tembo camp – some of the pride left, but three sub-adult lions remained, climbing high into a bush right next to the road where there is a lot of foot traffic – mothers bringing children to the clinic within the camp and employees coming and going. They were completely invisible had one not spotted them enter the bush. This clearly could have led to very serious consequences. We posted a vehicle with the lions all day to warn people of their presence and to ferry people in and out of the camp. The lions showed no inclination to leave in spite of the fact that about 40 hyenas descended on the kill and battles ensued between the king of the beasts and the force of a large clan of hyena! In the morning nothing remained of the buffalo and the lions had headed to safer ground – a relief for all concerned!

lion pride

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