Lions in the Community Areas!

The AKTF team & Mara conservancy rangers (from Oloololo Gate) are still helping the lions along Oloololo Escarpment. We are currently protecting 2 groups & a lonely male. The team is hoping that they will go back into the park soon when the wildebeests arrive in the Mara. We have witnessed & recorded 7 cows that were eaten by the lions for the last 3 days (in different areas). We are talking to the community members so that they can alert the team when they see the lions in their areas as well as informing them about the importance of the lions in the Mara Ecosystem. So far we are appreciating their participation & hope to continue that way. Wild animals don’t know the boundaries of the Park & mostly its we humans encroaching their original territories. Today during our patrol we saw about 30 wildebeests crossing Sand River to Mara from Serengeti National Park. Many more were sighted along the border advancing towards Kenyan side. This will bring life in the Mara as the lions will have more food in the park.

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