Let the Rains Come!

The rainy season has definitely arrived in Maasai Mara. This is good news for the ecosystem, as it causes grass to grow and groundwater to regenerate — but there are dangers as well. Many animals don’t like being in the tall grass when it is wet, so they climb out of the protected Mara Conservancy and onto the human-dominated escarpment, where human-wildlife conflict is more likely to occur. For example, a few days ago 18 lions left the Reserve, but the Mara Conservancy was able to respond quickly and keep the lions and people from clashing. Fortunately, the AKTF/Mara Conservancy Patrol Team is still able to get out and patrol for such conflicts — even when others, like the vehicle pictured below, are experiencing challenges due to the muddy roads and dangerous flooding. The poaching isn’t stopping with the rain, and neither are we.

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