January 24: Poachers Arrested!

The AKTF team & MC rangers managed to arrest 10 poachers. They had already killed one hippo & they were in a mission to kill more wildlife. They were in agroup of 15 but 5 escaped the arrest. We acted swiftly on a tip off that was raised by the Little Governors balloon pilot who spotted them during the previous day’s morning hours. They were all Tanzanians and it was a notorious group that has been evading arrest for many days.

poacher mug


These 10 poachers that we arrested were taken to court at Kilgoris & sentenced for 2 years or a fine of each Ksh 200,000 (about $2,000). Since they couldn’t raise these money, they are now in jail until the jail term ends. The prosecution was a quick one after they were found guilty of all the counts.


We appreciate all the rangers involved and again the Little Governor’s balloon pilot. By working together,we can save more wildlife.

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