“It takes a village”

A quick catch-up with what is keeping us busy! Elias and the team are currently working closely with KWS on top of the Siria Escarpment to drive two male lions, which have been “hanging out” in the community area, back into the Mara Triangle. We hope that thunderflashes will do the job before any cows are killed. The community has been very co-operative in spite of many losses and I thank them for their patience. The grass is very long within the Reserve and many of the plains game have moved into the community area and the lions have followed. We are doing are utmost to keep the lions, and livestock, out of harm’s way. Our patrol Landrover unfortunately suffered a broken windscreen and punctured radiator in an accident. Thankfully the team was not hurt. Thanks to all who helped get a new windscreen to the Mara – Brian Gow from A&K for sourcing it, Felix for making sure it arrived in time at Wilson Airport, Air Kenya for very kindly transporting it to the Mara for me and Elias for picking it up at the other end…Governors Camp will be installing it and we will be “back in business”! Chewing gum worked temporarily on the leaking radiator (!) and it was welded by Kichwa Tembo mechanics. “It takes a village….” And I truly appreciate all the support. The boma landrover is almost ready after a complete re-build and I thank the A&K team for working overtime to get it pulled back together again – like Humpty Dumpty! A new shipment of wire, corners and posts leave today for the Mara and boma protection continues…along with food for the Oloolmongi students’ lunch programme. Thanks to all of you who follow and support us so generously.

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