Finishing the Walk, Looking to the Future

Finally, the long walk across Maasai Mara to raise awareness and educate Kenyans about elephant conservation is over for the AKTF Team. They walked dozens and dozens of miles with Jim Justus Nyamu’s Elephant Neighbours’ “Ivory Belongs to Elephants” campaign, and are now returning to their daily work of preventing poachers and angry farmers from attacking elephants and other wildlife. Good job, Team! We salute your perseverance and passion for protecting Kenya’s natural heritage. And ‘Thank You’ to Elephant Neighbours for organizing this outreach campaign. Though our portion of the walk is completed, we know there are still many miles to go before elephants and all wildlife are safe in Kenya.

Elias in the lead Felix in front line OCTOBER 2 2015 TALKING TO THE CROWD (1) Saitoti, Sirere, Katui and Kimoro Flag

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