Fighting Poaching at the Serengeti Border (Dec. 20, 2016)

Today MC rangers & our Team arrested another 3 poachers along Mara-Serengeti border.This was after along chase between tough terrains but we were determined to catch them all & no one escaped the arrest. It all started during our normal patrol then we found a young zebra that we followed closely & found her mother already dead (struggled in a wire snare). This made the team to have a prompt action and checked on all the nearby bushes before bouncing on one of the poacher. Later the others started running but the team was faster & was able to catch up with them. After thorough interrogation,they accepted to take us to their camp & we recovered swords, daggers & 11 wire snares. These poachers wanted to hunt wildlife for several days before taking the bushmeat to the market. They had already killed 2 zebras &1 resident wildebeest. So far we have arrested 9 bushmeat poachers in different areas for the past 7 days.

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