December 3: Keeping up with the Poachers’ Tactics

The AKTF Team and MC Rangers removed snares that were tied around the strong acacia trees along the Mara/Serengeti border. Sometimes poachers sneak inside the park, set the snares and then run back on top the escarpment outside the park. It’s at these high peaks where they monitor the snares & when the wildlife is caught in them since they can see far away. Although the snares removed were old (it may be they were set 2 weeks ago and left behind to catch the wildlife), this is one of the many tricks that is being used by the poachers but the team is able to patrol both suspected & unsuspected poaching areas in order to keep the wildlife safe. For the last few days no animal has been killed by the wire snare. The wildebeests are already going back to Serengeti and we are suspecting that the poachers might start using spears, bows and arrows to kill other the wildlife.

team lined up with snare kilonga and ranger holding snare

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