Community Empowerment

AKTF has been running projects that empower the community to generate sustainable livelihoods. The Olorboisoto Masai ladies’ beading group, headed up by Joseph and Regina Mpatiany, is one of the projects that engage the Masai women in making beaded bracelets, which in turn are sold internationally. The profits are invested by the women in income-generating activities that empower them and improve their standard of living.

Regina and bracelets IMG_0378

Regina with bracelets

The ladies have been beading branded bracelets for FEED Projects ( based in New York City, whose mission is to feed the hungry children of the world. A win-win situation.  With the profits of their work, the women now have purchased two grain-grinding machines which they lease out to bring in a regular income; they continue to make clothing and uniforms with two sewing machines, donated by Madeleine Goss, which also brings in a regular income.  They have a small shop and are able to feed their families and send their children to school with the proceeds of these bracelets.

The beading project is honored to be certified by Wildlife Friendly (, a group which works hard to help communities and wildlife co-exist in harmony.

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