Big Week for Ambushes! (August 7, 2016)

It was another successful week after we managed to arrest 28 people,recovered 3 motorbikes,2 bicycles,3 power saws &1 big lorry with 150 bags of charcoal. We also destroyed many kilns & makeshift (illegal homes) inside the forest. It was not yet over until we burned more than 600 bags of charcoal that was hidden inside the forest ready to be transported to various towns including Nairobi city. The whole operation was a joint effort of AKTF team, MC rangers, Narok county rangers,Kenya Police,WWF Lolgorien station,Trans-Mara community scouts, Oloisukut rangers & community elders. Indeed it was a tiresome job but every one was dedicated in helping to save Nyakweri forest. Before that operation started,the team had corrected 87 wire snares,rescued 5 wildebeests from snares & found 6 of them already dead with snares around the neck(this happened on Monday & Tuesday this week along the Mara/Serengeti border).We will still continue fighting hard for the wildlife & its natural habitat.


ranger at kiln

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