Arresting Poachers of All Kinds (from October 13)

The team & MC rangers are still busy in the field helping the wildlife and removing the snares. For the last few days, they have successfully managed to arrest three poachers in different areas, One poacher had killed a bushbuck while the other had killed a zebra and smoked the meat already to take it into the market. (These 2 incidences happened last week and one of the AKTF team member joined MC, KWS and MEP rangers to make the arrest.


Last night we arrested a person who was harvesting the honey (illegally inside the park & near one of the tented camp). We are also investigating bush meat business which is going on in several places and mostly these wildlife are killed outside the park. We appreciate the community members who are living adjacent to the park for giving out accurate information and on time. In return we help them when they have problems……like the recent incident that we assisted them with during the night on 10th October by thwarting cattle rustlers’ mission (they wanted to steal the cows but they were not successful since we helped after a distress call).

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