Anti-Poaching Patrols Showing Great Success!

Another busy week is over and the patrolling team is still saving the wildlife from deadly wire snares. Over 150 snares were removed from the bushes, and 5 wildebeests were rescued and released back in the wild. All these activities are happening along the Mara/Serengeti border where most of the poachers are active during the night. However, the poachers have not managed to kill many animals compared to the same time period last year. This is mostly due to combined effort of AKTF team and the Mara Conservancy rangers who are patrolling all the poaching hot spots and removing the snares on a daily basis. Our main aim is to make sure that we prevent wildlife from horrifying deaths but instead stay free in the wild.

snared wildebeest

team approaching wildebeest

team with wildebeest

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