Anti-Poaching Patrols

The AKTF/Mara Conservancy Rangers have been working with the relevant authorities to patrol key poaching hotspots around the Trans-Mara and Mara Triangle in order to deter and arrest poachers, remove snares and rescue injured animals, with commendable results. This team of dedicated wildlife warriors works hard to protect wildlife in the Mara.

(l) Anne with suspected poachers (r) A lucky giraffe is saved from a deadly snare

(l) Anne with suspected poachers (r) Lucky giraffe is saved from a snare

A Serious Threat to Africa’s Wildlife

Profitable poaching to satisfy the commercial demand for elephant ivory and rhino horn has decimated the populations of these animals throughout Africa. Kenya has prided itself on leading the African nations in their battle against the ivory and rhino horn trade and bringing this cause to the world’s attention. There is also an equally devastating form of poaching, which threatens the very existence of all wildlife – the commercial bushmeat trade.

It should be noted that the bushmeat trade is quite distinct from subsistence hunting (which is also illegal in Kenya). The bushmeat trade could be compared to the drug trade – it is very organized and highly lucrative and is not sustainable. As a result of this, Africa is losing its wildlife at an alarming pace. Efforts are being made in many areas of Kenya to increase patrols that find and remove these wire snares set by poachers. One of the horrible consequences of snaring is that it is not species specific and can indiscriminately kill and injure any type of wildlife. The Anne K. Taylor Fund works with the authorities in Maasai Mara to help control bush meat poaching and conducts community education programs on the importance of saving wildlife.

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