A Close Call at the Boma

More on lions!..Another interesting scenario occurred the other day at 4.30am. The AKTF/MC team received a call requesting their assistance. It was reported that a lone lioness was contemplating killing a cow at a boma belonging to one of our colleagues from the Mara Conservancy. She stalked silently in the dawn hours, trying to grab her opportunity and a cow! Fortunately for the cows and our colleague, there were many zebras leaning up against the wall of the house, seeking safety from predators, that generally do not like to come close to humans. The lioness, therefore, decided against killing a cow and instead started chasing the zebras within the compound. She managed to kill a zebra just next to the house, which she immediately started to devour. The commotion attracted the attention of the ranger’s wife. She opened the door quietly and saw the lioness and the dogs feeding on the zebra, without any problem. She called her husband (who was in another boma) to alert him what was happening around the compound. The ranger told her to make no noise and not to disturb the lioness, letting her eat her fill. Perhaps the lioness became nervous with the humans being close by, or perhaps she was exhausted after the “chase” and just needed to rest up before eating. Whatever the reason, the lioness disappeared. The ranger’s wife, thinking the lion was scared off because of the torch light, came out with the children. After few minutes the husband arrived with other neighbours to see what was happening. Before the AKTF/MC team arrived, however, one of the guys heard something breathing heavily a few meters away. Upon closer inspection, they came face to face with the lioness – history does not relate who was the most shocked the lioness or the men! Needless to say-all of the men ran for their dear lives. shouting “simba ‘”simba ” (lion! lion!) whilst running into the house as fast as possible. Upon hearing the noise the lioness decided to run away and hide in another bush. Surprisingly, all those people stayed with the lifeless zebra for more than 20min and they were within 10 meters from the lioness without knowing it! No one was injured and this is now the talk in that village. That ranger is telling the community that God could not accept his cows, nor his children, to be eaten by the lioness because he has always devoted his life to care for the wildlife. AKTF’s vehicle towed the zebra carcass away from the house and into the bush (that everyone suspected the lioness was hiding in after the guys screamed). On

A few nights later, there was more excitement as the pride spent about one hour, between 3.00 a.m. and 4.00 a.m. within AKTF’s camping ground. The team members were sleeping only to be woken by the lions playing in the long grass with their tails flicking against the team leader’s tent!. This is a “marvel of nature”, he states!

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