Updating Bomas for Community Elders

July has been a busy month with wildebeests making their annual migration to the Mara — and tourists in hot pursuit! The brave men of the AKTF Team and Mara Conservancy Rangers have been doing an excellent job stepping up to meet all of the challenges that the “high season” provides. One of their recent duties with Anne was to check up on a new boma that we built for a community elder, and to make sure the owner had successfully transferred his herd of 400 cows into it from the dilapidated traditional boma where they had been staying.




Unfortunately, many of the wooden bomas in the Mara — even those belonging to community leaders — are in disrepair and making it easy for predators to attack livestock, thus contributing to the ongoing state of human-wildlife conflict there. We are happy to be able to help this community leader set an example for his neighbors, and we are hoping that other herders continue to take notice!


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