Poachers Arrested and Weapons Recovered

The AKTF Team & Mara Conservancy Rangers managed to arrest 2 poachers along the border and to recover 1 spear, 11 wire snares, 1 sword and one small knife. However, 3 poachers managed to escape. The poachers had already killed 2 wildebeests and they were waiting to kill more using the snares that were already set in the bushes (we removed them later).

saitoti with snare in field

Poachers are taking advantage of the annual wildebeests migration (which is happening now along the border) so that they can sell the bush meat. In another area, the patrolling team flushed out a group of illegal loggers in Nyekweri forest. Many organizations are trying all what they can to protect the remaining part of this natural forest.



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