Sustainable Energy

The project aims to provide the community with an alternative source of energy to reduce deforestation, carbon emissions and reduce time spent by women who often walk dozens of miles daily in search of firewood. With generous designated support from The Brown Foundation and in conjunction with Dominic Wanjihia, AKTF piloted five biogas units in homesteads, which have enough cattle to generate sufficient dung to run the bio digesters.

The gas generated is used for cooking and lighting. The waste from the digesters makes an excellent natural (and free!) fertilizer and can be used as manure for vegetable gardens. These digesters are in great demand by the local community.

Solar energy harnessing lighting for homesteads was also implemented on a pilot basis in collaboration with SolarAid. Solar units were installed on the project site and the demand is high for more units. Having access to these lights allows children to study once they get home in the evening improving their learning capacity.


Elias and Felix inspecting a newly installed Biogass unit(Above: AKTF Team Leaders Felix and Elias demonstrating a functioning biogas digester at a community member’s homestead.)


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