More classrooms opened at the beautiful Oloolmongi Primary School

On Monday, 22nd February I was invited by the head teacher, Mr. Chacha, the school committee, parents and students to a ribbon cutting ceremony to formally open the last four classrooms at the Oloolmongi Primary School, which we (AKTF) recently completed. Andrew Aho actually built these classrooms and did a great job for which we are all grateful. Unfortunately he was unable to join this most incredible ceremony with the entire community in attendance.

IMG_6180 Yes we can photo-3


The children gave a wonderful performance of song and dance: there were speeches, presentations of beautiful beadwork for me and my friends who were also invited; presentations from me to two teachers whose classes excelled in the District exams, coming in first in Social Studies. This was a great achievement for such a small and young school. Overall Oloolmongi placed very well amongst the bigger, better endowed schools. I am proud of them all – teachers and students.


IMG_6108 students raising the flag IMG_6075 akt with Moran shield - a huge honour

I was also extremely honoured to receive a shield from the elders – this is usually reserved for the best and bravest warriors – I am so very happy, particularly as a woman, that they consider me worthy of such a gift. I will do my utmost to never disappoint them! It was a grand celebration and I, and my AKTF team, were thrilled to be a part of it. Ashe oleng to all who made it possible! — Anne


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