November 3: Poachers’ Camp Ambushed and Flushed

The team & MC rangers patrolled Kirindon area & flashed out poachers while hunting near the riverside forest. After along chase the team recovered 2 new poachers camps & found a big killing site with several skeletons of different wildlife species. Later in the evening hours, MNC rangers managed to arrest 2 poachers with wire snares. They were booked in police station waiting to be prosecuted in the court of law. Several years ago, the team had already secured that area after arresting poachers during the patrols but it seems that they are now coming back. A new strategy is in place to make that area a haven for wildlife. We also received some information that school children are also involved in hunting the wildlife using packs of dogs. This mostly happens on the weekends & during the holidays. We are planning to visit a number of schools to inform them dangers of eating bush meat.We also want them to have a good coexistence with the wildlife.

meat sticks at poacher fire meat on stick at poacher camp

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